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Self Defense based on Ryukyu Kempo techniques and Application

These courses are offered monthly in a 4 hour session, with breaks throughout. This is not a workout session but wear something comfortable. The first hour is an introduction to concepts and the specific techniques. The next three hours is application. We start slow and easy and build up to real application. We have training aids that allow for full power so there is no holding back during the scenario training. It's no secret that the eyes, ears, nose, throat, hair, and groin​ are attack points for self defense. Our application utilizes the same areas but there are specific points that are focused on that increase the severity of the defensive techniques. Age or size does not matter. We have had ages up to 70 years old able to execute these basic but extremely effective techniques with absolute success at real world speed. 

2023 GNK Self Defense Course

These courses are designed to be taken more than once in order retain the techniques. Classes begin in May and run through October. I will publish dates in March. 

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